A little background

I am an immigrant, woman of color and the daughter of working-class parents. I was raised by a badass feminist mother who to this day doesn’t know what the word means or even cares and a father, despite his upbringing and the worldview taught to him, had the same expectations of me as he would have had for a son. So, my existence alone is political. I stumbled my way into feminism and social justice through the invaluable mentorship of some amazing black women professors in college. The words of black women writers like bell hooks, Toni Morrison, and Audre Lorde shaped my worldview. All of these things helped me develop a unique perspective on politics. And this perspective will make some of you uncomfortable and may even make you angry in return.

“It’s not the anger of other women that will destroy us but our refusal to stand still, to listen to its rhythms, to learn with it, to move beyond the manner of presentation to the substance, to tap that anger as an important source of empowerment.” – Audre Lorde

I hope we can use the anger and discomfort we are feeling to make this a community to have the difficult conversations we’ve all been avoiding.

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